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The DualSphere Vibration Roller is a unique aid that will help you massage hard-to-reach spots, such as your back, neck or feet. Thanks to a variety of settings, you can adjust the intensity of vibration. The roller is popular among customers who are looking to improve their muscle regeneration, warm up their muscles before a performance, increase their blood circulation, relax hurting or tense muscles, or to improve recovery rate after an injury.

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DualSphere Vibration Roller - an effective aid for boosting muscle relaxation and regeneration, improving blood circulation and for warming up before a performance 

The DualSphere Vibration Roller is a unique massage device intended for a wide spectrum of users. One of if its big advantages is that it helps you reach hard to reach spots such as back, neck or feet for a massage. The roller is therefore popular with active athletes looking to boost their muscle regeneration, improve their blood circulation and release muscle tension after strenuous workouts. It is also suitable for quickly warming up various muscle groups before a workout.


But the vibration roller is not intended for athletes only. It comes in handy to anybody with a sedentary office job suffering from back pains, especially in the neck area, or from ankle swellings. With this device, you can enjoy a pleasant foot massage while you work at your desk. Simply place the roller underneath the desk at your workstation and enjoy a relaxing massage. 


The vibration intensity can be adjusted according to your needs. You can choose from three standard settings plus a cycle mode, which switches between intensity settings over time.      


  • 1. setting  - 2200 vibrations per minute
  • 2. setting - 3300 vibrations per minute
  • 3. setting - 4000 vibrations per minute
  • 4. setting - 2000-2700 vibrations per minute


After 10 minutes of massage, the device switches itself off. This prevents the battery from discharging unnecessarily. If you want to continue the massage, simply turn the device on again. The battery should last approximately 3 hours depending on the intensity of the massage. If the battery runs out of power, simply charge it with a USB cable. The USB charging port is located next to the main button. This will give you a full battery in about 2 hours. You can monitor the charge level thanks to the side LED lights. The battery has a long life, so you can recharge it many times. Due to the fact that the cylinder has a massage texture, it can be used even without the vibrations switched on. It weighs only 840 g, making it easy to carry around and take with you wherever you go, whether it's to work, gym, or on vacation.


DualSphere Vibration Roller & its benefits

  • allows you to self-massage even the hard-to-reach parts of your body
  • ideal for massaging the cervical spine, back or legs

  • designed to promote regeneration, better blood circulation, relax stiff muscles or reduce swelling of their lower limbs

  • simple one-button operation

  • you can choose from 4 different massage modes, which vary in intensity

  • after 10 minutes, the device switches itself off

  • the battery has a long life and can be recharged

  • it lasts up to 3 hours of massage per charge

  • easy to stow away and weighs only 840 g

  • easy to take to the gym, to work or on vacation

  • equipped with a massage surface, so it can be used without turning the device on



How to handle the device      

Number of button presses in a sequenceWhat does it do?
1 press The LED lights indicate the state of the battery charge (the more lights are on, the better the state of the charge. Four lights indicate that the battery is fully charged)
2 presses Runs the 1st vibration intensity setting  (indicated by 1 LED light being on)
3 presses Runs the 2nd vibration intensity setting  (indicated by 2 LED light being on)
4 presses Runs the 3rd vibration intensity setting  (indicated by 3 LED light being on)
5 presses Runs the 4th vibration intensity setting  (indicated by 4 LED light being on)
6 presses Turns the device off (indicated by all lights going off)


Technical details   

Colour red
Charging USB
Vibration intensity settings 3 intensity settings, plus a cycle mode
Vibrations frequency 2000 to 4000 vibrations per minute
Control  one single button for all the functions
Smart features allows for synchronization with the Power Plate
Battery recharge time 2 hours
Battery run time per charge 3 hours
Automatic power down after 10 minutes
Weight 840 g
Length 18 cm
Diameter 9 cm
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