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Drinks from manufacturer BSN is a category that offers a varied selection of drinks for runners, cyclists, endurance athletes and others. On top of that, they will also come in handy to all the fans of an active lifestyle as well as those looking for drinks with a carefully selected ingredient profile. The drinks in this category can even help you gain muscle mass or lose weight. The offer includes, for example, drinks with the content of proteins, vitamins, minerals or other beneficial substances for maximum support of your overall vitality and sports goals. 

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What is included in this category, and when should you reach for drinks for athletes?

  • Sports drinks typically contain fast-release carbohydrates that serve as an energy source to support athletic performance. In addition, they are characterized by a balanced ratio of vitamins and important electrolytes. They are therefore suitable for avid runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes. You can enjoy them before, after or during exercise.  
  • RTD protein shakes are an excellent source of protein and a great way to promote muscle growth and maintenance, as well as bone health. You can treat yourself to them at any time of the day in the form of a protein shake to replenish protein, or enjoy them after a training to promote regeneration. However, due to the high satiating ability of proteins, you can also use them as weight loss drinks. 
  • RTD energy drinks are great for athletes and all active people, as they invigorate and boost energy levels for any activity. They are suitable before or after exercise or at any time when you need to get charged with good energy. 
  • RTD vitamin drinks typically contain a carefully selected blend of vitamins, often also complemented by minerals, such as magnesium. As you may know, magnesium helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion, contributes to electrolyte balance and affects muscle and nervous system functions. These drinks are a great choice at any time of the day to replenish essential vitamins and support your overall vitality as much as possible.  
  • Other RTD beverages also include functional drinks characterized by their content of various substances, such as the fat burner L-carnitine, caffeine and collagen. You can enjoy them at any time of the day in the form of a shot or a practical bottle to support your efforts on your journey to a better self.  
  • Juices, made from fruit and vegetables, which you can enjoy in the form of a variety of drinks and practical shots. For example, you can reach for ginger shots, with the addition of sea-buckthorn, turmeric or mango. They are suitable for immediate consumption, but you can also dilute them with tap or mineral water. They are especially popular from autumn till spring, as you can also use them as tea. All you need is to mix them with hot water, sweeten with some honey, and voilà, a beverage that will warm you up good is ready.  
  • Teas, which boast a carefully selected ingredient profile in the form of herbs or fruit. They are guaranteed to capture your senses with their captivating aroma and irresistible taste. Remember, tea tastes best in the good company of your family or friends.  
  • Other drinks, which you can find in an instant form or pre-prepared in a practical package. These can help you with maintaining an optimal fluid intake. They are an ideal choice for drinking at any time of the day in order to keep your fluid intake in check. Moreover, the offer also includes selected types of coffee that will enchant you with their taste and invigorate you thanks to caffeine.  

If you are interested in learning more about the world of drinks, be sure to read our article: How Insufficient Water Intake Affects Your Health. 

Discover our varied offer of drinks for athletes and support your sports efforts as much as possible. 

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