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Double Resistance Chute is a sports accessory for runners that facilitates the training of speed and explosivity. When attached to the runner's body, it opens up once set into motion, providing extra resistance for the athlete to overcome. This increases the overall intensity of the exercise, effectively improving your training of explosivity, speed, dynamics and leg strength

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Double Resistance Chute is a sports accessory that will increase the intensity of your running training

Double Resistance Chute is an effective training tool that helps increase the difficulty of running. It comes equipped with an adjustable strap that attaches to the runner's waist. Once you set into motion, the chute opens up and provides extra resistance as you run. The intensity of your training thus increases significantly thanks to the double-chute design


Running with extra resistance is a great way to develop your explosivity, maximum speed and dynamics. In addition, it helps strengthen your legs as well as your core, since the resistance also engages your oblique abdominal muscles. As a result, this device can help you improve your athletic performance results, moving them up to the next level.


This training tool is the ideal solution for the athletes looking to further develop the speed element of their performance capacity. It is particularly useful for runners as well as team sport players such as football and basketball players. However, it is just as useful for other athletes whose discipline demands good speed. The chute is made from nylon, thanks to which it is lightweight and easy to store. Simply pack it up in the bag provided, and you are ready to go training on the running track, in your local park or on your favourite trail.




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