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DNA Test Sports Performance + Diet and Body Weight contains two user-friendly at-home saliva DNA tests, which, based on gene analysis, reveal genetic predispositions to being overweight or obese or the composition of your muscles. You can discover a sports activity that is based on your genetic predisposition. You do not have to take a sample twice, so you only need to send one DNA sample to evaluate and interpret the results of these two tests. 


The test kit normally contains 22 analyses. Take advantage of the special offer and get another 65 free analyses for the price of 55. In total, you will get 77 different DNA analyses.

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DNA Test Sports Performance + Diet and Body Weight - advise you on how to improve your lifestyle, lose weight, get rid of sweet cravings, and reveal the most suitable sport based on your genetic potential

DNA Test Sports Performance + Diet and Body Weight is a user-friendly at-home saliva-based DNA test that uses gene analysis to reveal which sport is best for you and help you improve your sports performance. It will also tell you how to adjust your diet to maintain optimal health and weight. Each person has a different genetic make-up and muscle structure in the form of different muscle fibre composition. What is good for one may not be good for everyone. This revolutionary DNA test will reveal the secrets of your genes, giving you a unique opportunity to improve your athletic performance and adjust your diet in accordance with your unique DNA.


DNA Test Sports Performance evaluates specific groups of genes that affect individual sports performance and adaptations to training. It will help you find a suitable sports activity in accordance with your genetic predispositions. Thanks to the test, you will find out what is the composition of your muscle fibres and whether strength or endurance sports are more suitable for you. What's more, it will also help you determine to what extent you are prone to soft tissue injuries such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and this will help you reduce the activities that pose the greatest risk. By analysing the warrior COMT gene, you will learn how you react to stressful situations, which will help you make more informed decisions that can have a huge impact on the quality and efficiency of not only your sports life. Some of the aims of the test included are also a study of your genetic predisposition affecting muscle size and strength, the value of VO2max, or the level of regeneration after sports activity. This test will provide you with a comprehensive personalized recommendation that can help you achieve your goals more easily.

       DNA Test Sports Performance + Diet and Body Weight - GenePlanet


DNA Test Diet and Body Weight evaluates specific groups of genes that affect the predisposition to being overweight or obese, the metabolism of selected nutrients, and also the level of hunger and satiety. Learn how your body responds to carbohydrate and fat intake. Based on this, you can make the recommended adjustments in the composition of your diet, say goodbye to unexplained weight gain and reduce your sweet and unsatisfied cravings. Women will also find out if there is a "fat-burning gene" in their genetic make-up, which can provide certain benefits during weight loss. This is the first time you can use DNA analysis to learn how to work with your genes through personalized nutritional recommendations designed just for you. This DNA analysis can help you lose weight, maintain your weight permanently and break out of the vicious circle of following different diets, and then gaining weight again. As soon as you adjust your diet according to the results of the analysis, you may also notice a decrease in appetite and cravings for savoury, sweet, or fatty foods.

                     DNA Test Sports Performance + Diet and Body Weight- GenePlanet


Product packaging, manual and mobile app are in English only, as well as the test results.   


DNA Test Sports Performance + Diet and Body Weight & its benefits

  • a revolutionary at-home DNA test based on saliva
  • no invasive methods are required for its use
  • user-friendly and easy to use
  • reveals the muscle fibre composition and the body's response to carbohydrates and fats
  • helps select a suitable sport based on DNA analysis
  • can improve athletic performance
  • reveals a susceptibility to soft tissue injuries
  • analyses the predisposition to the VO2max value
  • reveals the response to stressful situations
  • can improve your lifestyle
  • helps adjust your diet and lose weight
  • provides personalized recommendations to improve athletic performance and diet
  • reveals the ideal composition of the diet based on genetic analysis


How does it work? 

  1. Once you receive your test after ordering, create an account on the GenePlanet manufacturer's website and register your test with a barcode and security code.
  2. Then take a saliva sample according to the instructions, carefully pack it and store it out of the reach of children in a dry place at room temperature. Collected samples must not be stored in the refrigerator!
  3. We will pick up the sample from you free of charge via the delivery service as soon as you contact our customer line ([email protected] or +421 233 057 087, who will arrange a pick-up date with you. Please contact the customer line to pick up the sample as soon as possible, ideally on the same or the next day when you carry out the test according to the instructions. No more than 7 days should pass since the test was carried out and the sample was collected. Only then can you get your results as quickly as possible.
  4. We will notify you via email within approximately 7 weeks as soon as your results are available in the online application, which you can easily access using your account on the GenePlanet manufacturer's website, which evaluates tests according to strict protocols and safety rules.



DNA test Sports Performance + Diet and Body Weight contains 77 different DNA analyses including:

  1. risk of soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, or ligaments)
  2. warrior gene
  3. VO2max - potential for endurance sports
  4. level of regeneration after sports activity
  5. muscle volume
  6. lean body weight
  7. endurance predisposition
  8. strength predisposition
  9. predisposition to resting heart rate values
  10. muscle cramps
  11. risk of re-gaining weight after weight loss
  12. risk of being overweight
  13. metabolic response to saturated fat intake
  14. metabolic response to monounsaturated fat intake
  15. metabolic response to polyunsaturated fat intake
  16. metabolic response to carbohydrate intake
  17. risk of a predisposition to overeat on sweet foods
  18. analysis of satiety and hunger levels
  19. perception of sweet taste
  20. perception of bitter taste
  21. analysis of the ideal composition of the diet
  22. fat burning gene (women)


If you take advantage of our special offer, you will get 55 free analyses including Metabolism and Lifestyle a Vitamins and Minerals.   



The test is not suitable for people under 18. Store the product out of the reach of children in a dry place at room temperature. The DNA test contains a stabilizing liquid that is non-toxic and is not intended for ingestion. Do not store the applied test in the refrigerator. The instructions for the test as well as its results are in English only. GenePlanet's analyses are performed according to strict professional standards, and GenePlanet pays special attention to the security of laboratories and stored data. All data is stored and processed in accordance with European and local legislation with the highest security standards.

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Made in EU
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Legal category of the product accessories
EAN 3830077960009
HS code 39233010: -- S obsahom nepresahujúcim 2 litre
Number of pieces per package 30 pc.
Brutto weight 0.09 kg
Length 18.50 cm
Width 12.50 cm
Height 3.50 cm
Main category DNA Tests
Other categories Other Categories
Diagnostic Tests


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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