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DNA Test Premium Pack is a new and unique set of 7 very simple home saliva-based DNA test kits, which, based on 77 gene analyses, provide the most comprehensive and unique insight into your overall lifestyle. With the use of these test kits you can easily discover how your body works, which sport activity is the right one for you and uncover hidden genetic predispositions of multiple areas of your overall health and lifestyle.

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DNA Test Premium Pack - 7 unique home saliva-based DNA test kits to improve your lifestyle and sports performance

DNA Test Premium Pack is a new and unique set of 7 easy-to-use home saliva-based DNA test kits that, based on 77 gene analyses, can help you better understand your genes and work with them through personalized recommendations. You can use this to improve your health, sports performance, or focus on the recommended nutrient intake specific to your DNA. Each person has a different genetic makeup, and what is good for one may not be good for all. This gives you a unique opportunity to comprehensively learn more about your genes and positively influence your life through more informed decisions. The advantage of this pack is that you do not need to take a sample 7 times. Just one DNA sample is enough to assess and interpret the results of these 7 tests.


DNA Test Premium Pack includes:

  • DNA Test Diet and Body Weight reveals how to adjust your diet to maintain optimal health and body weight. Discover how your body reacts to carbohydrate and fat intake. Based on this, you can implement the recommended dietary adjustments, say goodbye to unexplained weight gain and limit sugar cravings or insatiable appetite. Moreover, women will discover if a "fat-burning gene" is present in their genetic makeup, which can provide benefits while losing weight. With the help of this analysis you can lose weight, maintain your weight permanently and break the constant circle of testing different diets and subsequently gaining back the lost weight.
  • DNA Test Heart Health analyses and evaluates genetic predispositions related to heart health and helps you adjust your diet and overall lifestyle for a healthier and stronger heart. The test includes a gene analysis that reveals the metabolism of omega 3 fatty acids, triglycerides, insulin sensitivity or CRP (C-reactive protein), the level of which naturally increases in response to an elevated level of inflammation in the body. 
  • DNA Test Metabolism and Lifestyle reveals the efficiency of your metabolism, lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity, and the risks of developing an addiction to alcohol or nicotine due to genetic predisposition. Use this to improve your lifestyle and choose more suitable foods according to your individual needs.
  • DNA Test Skin Health and Ageing reveals how genes affect your skin condition and its rate of ageing. This test can provide advice on how to adjust your diet, lifestyle and skin care, so that the signs of ageing are delayed as much as possible and the skin retains its elasticity, firmness and youthful appearance.
  • DNA Test Sports Performance reveals which sport is best suited for you and can help improve your sports performance. Each person has a different genetic makeup and muscle structure with a different muscle fibre composition. This affects the subsequent selection of sports activities in which you can potentially reach great results and are in line with your genetic potential. Based on the test, you will find out what your muscle fibre composition is and whether strength or endurance sports are more suitable for you. The included tests evaluate genetic predispositions that affect muscle size and strength, VO2 max value or the regeneration rate after a sports activity. The test will give you comprehensive personalized recommendations that can help you achieve your goals more easily. 
  • DNA Test Vitamins and Minerals uses gene analysis to tell you how to adjust your diet to receive the optimal amount of all key vitamins and minerals, which are crucial for countless biochemical reactions that take place in the human body.  
  • DNA Test Mind and Wellbeing reveals how sensitive you are to stress and how well you are able to deal with it. It also lets you know if you are more of an early bird or a night owl, and can help optimize your sleep schedule and boost your energy levels during the day. 


Product packaging, manual and mobile app are in English only, as well as the test results.   


DNA Test Premium Pack - GenePlanet


DNA Test Premium Pack & its benefits

  • contains 7 revolutionary at-home saliva-based DNA test kits
  • just one DNA sample is sufficient to assess and interpret the results
  • user-friendly and easy to use 
  • no invasive methods are required for its use
  • analyses 77 carefully selected groups of genes that are related to lifestyle and sports performance
  • reveals genetic predispositions to alcohol and nicotine addiction
  • helps identify potential problems with gluten or lactose
  • reveals muscle fibre composition and the body's reaction to carbohydrate and fat intake
  • helps to choose a suitable sport based on DNA analysis
  • can improve sports performance
  • reveals susceptibility to soft tissue injury
  • can help improve sleep quality
  • analyses the predisposition to VO2 max value
  • reveals the body's reaction to stressful events
  • reveals how your genes affect skin health
  • can improve your lifestyle
  • informs you about your body's capacity for coping with caffeine and alcohol
  • can help discover the causes of bloating and other digestion related issues
  • provides personalized recommendations to improve your athletic performance and optimize diet 
  • reveals the ideal diet composition based on gene analysis
  • provides valuable advice on what foods and dietary supplements you should be using for optimal micronutrients intake 
  • helps adjust your diet for sufficient micronutrients intake 


How does it work? 

  1. Once you've purchased and received your test kit, go to GenePlanet's website, create an account and register your test using the bar and security codes. 
  2. Retrieve a saliva sample following the provided instructions, pack it up carefully and store it in a dry place at room temperature, away from the reach of children. Do not store the samples in a refrigerator! 
  3. The sample will be retrieved from you free of charge by our courier service as soon as you contact our customer line ([email protected] or +421 233 057 087), which will confirm the date of collection with you.  Please contact the customer line as soon as you can after using the test according to the provided instructions, preferably the same or the following day. The tests are better collected no later than 7 days after they have been used. This assures you will receive your results as soon as possible.    
  4. Within about 7 weeks you will be informed about your results being available in GenePlanet app by e-mail. These are easily accessed by visiting the GenePlanet website and logging into your account. GenePlanet evaluates the results in accordance with strict protocols and security regulations.  


DNA Test Premium Pack contains 77 different DNA analyses including:

  1. Diet and Body Weight (12 analyses)
  2. Heart Health (7 analyses)
  3. Metabolism and Lifestyle (6 analyses)
  4. Skin Health and Ageing (17 analyses)
  5. Sports Performance (10 analyses)
  6. Vitamins and Minerals (12 analyses)
  7. Mind and Wellbeing (11 Analyses)



The tests are not suitable for children. Store the product out of reach of children in a dry place at room temperature. The DNA tests contain a stabilization liquid, which is non-toxic and is not intended for ingestion. Do not store the used test in a refrigerator. The instructions for the tests, as well as their results, are in English only. GenePlanet's analyses are carried out in accordance with the most strict professional standards. GenePlanet pays extra attention to laboratory and data security All data is processed and stored in accordance with European as well as local legislation with the highest security standards.

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Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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