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Delite Protein - Scitec Nutrition

Manufacturer: Scitec Nutrition
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Protein Delite is a very tasty whey protein with a 63% protein content with different release rates, ensuring a gradual supply of amino acids to the muscles. 1 serving (30g) contains 19g of protein and a patented complex of digestive enzymes Aminogen, which ensures easy digestibility and absorption. Contains pieces of real fruit and chocolate.

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Protein Delite: whey protein with a 63% protein content with different release rates and pieces of real fruit

Protein Delite is a very tasty whey protein that contains pieces of real fruit. Even during your diet you can enjoy the delicious taste of "forbidden" fruit or sweets. You can fill your desire for sweet without gaining fat, while also getting healthier and better figure. The source of protein is a combination of high-quality slow and fast-release proteins that supply the necessary nutrients to your muscles. 1 serving (30g) contains 19g protein. Aminogen's patented digestive enzyme complex ensures better digestibility and absorption. The anabolic and anti-catabolic mix consists of different types of protein and can quickly increase the supply of essential amino acids in your muscles.


Delite Protein - Scitec Nutrition


Benefits of Protein Delite

  • tasty whey protein
  • contains up to 63% protein
  • consists of slow and fast-release proteins
  • enriched with a complex of digestive enzymes
  • promotes muscle growth
  • suitable for diet


ProDelite protein matrix (whey concentrate, calcium caseinate, milk concentrate), dried strawberry pieces, maltodextrin. white chocolate aroma, strawberry aroma, guar gum, xanthan gum, aspartame sweetener, strawberry color



Mix 1 scoop with 200-300 ml of low fat milk or water. Take 1-2 servings a day, after a workout and as an evening meal.


Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts (alpine chocolate flavor)1 serving (30 g)
Calories122 kcal
Fat Calories6 kcal
Total Fat2,5 g
Cholesterol25 mg
Total Carbohydrates6 g
Sugar3 g
Fiber1,5 g
Protein19 g
Potassium37,5 mg
Sodium165 mg
Amino mix (Dextrose, L-glutamine, Taurine)485 mg
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Delite Protein - Scitec Nutrition

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Delite Protein - Scitec Nutrition

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