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Comfort Fitness Belt provides maximum possible comfort during strength training. It is made from durable synthetic leather, which is pleasant to touch, meaning you'll feel comfortable even when you're lifting your maximum weight limits. The belt is designed to stabilize the core, so that you can give your best performance.

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Comfort Fitness Belt made from synthetic leather is ideal for stabilizing the core when lifting maximum weights

Comfort Fitness Belt is a highly practical device for every strength athlete, designed to help you perform heavy lifting more safely and comfortably by supporting and stabilizing your core, allowing you to lift heavier weights. The belt is made entirely out of synthetic leather, also known as amara. The belt buckle is equipped with two prongs, thanks to which it can withstand extraordinary strain. The belt is easy to adjust to your body, meaning you won't have to worry about it being too small or too large for you. Working out wearing this belt is comfortable and will help you achieve your best results. 


Comfort Fitness Belt & its advantages

  • made from synthetic amara fibre synthetic leather
  • the buckle is equipped with two prongs
  • sturdy and durable design
  • 1 cm thick padding in the hip area
  • the padding is 15 cm wide
  • pleasant and comfortable to wear
  • stabilizes your core for heavy lifting
  • suitable for both men and women



100 % amara


Size Chart

Waist circumference 55-70 cm 65-85 cm 75-100 cm 85-110 cm 95-125 cm 115-150 cm



Proper size is determined by measuring your waist circumference around the bellybutton. 

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