Challenger Pro Evo Backpack Black/White - Venum


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Challenger Pro Evo Backpack is a stylish backpack for everyday use at the gym or on the road. It has zippered compartments and plenty of storage space for accessories, not just for combat sports. Bonus features include external pockets for a mouthguard or water bottle. The backpack is also durable, comfortable to wear and will be your reliable companion for years to come.

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Challenger Pro Evo Backpack - a stylish everyday backpack that offers plenty of storage space for your training accessories

Challenger Pro Evo Backpack at first glance embodies the soul of a warrior with the brand's signature VENUM design. It is very versatile, and, in addition, to training for MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, karate and other combat sports, is also suitable for the gym, travel or everyday wear to work or school. Therefore, it will fit any sports equipment, as well as personal, work or school items. It has a generous storage space with a capacity of 22.5 litres and zippered compartments. These are suitable for sportswear, training gear, hiking gear and others.


The outer compartments, in turn, provide extra storage space for smaller items. It can be a water bottle, a snack, a case with a mouthguard, or anything you want to keep right at hand. In addition, the Challenger Pro Evo Backpack also thinks about comfort while carrying, which is taken care of by the adjustable shoulder straps and breathable mesh lining. This will also ensure good ventilation, so your back won't sweat excessively when wearing this backpack. Durability, essential in the world of combat sports, is also a key feature of this backpack, making it a reliable companion for many years.


Challenger Pro Evo Backpack & its benefits

  • a stylish backpack for training and everyday use 
  • has a generous 22.5 litre storage capacity
  • offers zippered compartments and exterior extra storage space 
  • suitable for sportswear, combat sports accessories and personal items
  • will keep you comfortable while carrying it
  • has adjustable shoulder straps 
  • breathable mesh lining makes sure your back is well ventilated
  • durable and will last for years



100% polyester



Length 30 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 50 cm
Volume 22.5 l
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