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CBD hemp oil is hemp and hemp seeds extract that contains 5% of cannabidiol, also called CBD, which harmonizes natural processes in the body. This oil has green gold colour and is suitable for external use.

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CBD Hemp Oil - hemp seed extract with cannabidiol

CBD hemp oil is made by CO2 extraction and contains 5 % of cannabidiol - CBD. Cannabidiol is the second largest cannabinoid in cannabis, right after its best known ingredient - THC. However, cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects and helps to harmonize natural processes in the body.


The oil is made from pressed seeds and GMO-free hemp extract. It has a green gold colour and a slightly spicy taste. Hemp seeds are considered to be superfood, as they are rich in  protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and fiber. CBD hemp oil is suitable for external use as massage oil.


CBD Hemp oil - Wolfberry


CBD hemp oil and its benefits

  • pressed from hemp seeds and hemp extract
  • rich in omega fatty acids
  • contains 5% of cannabidiol
  • GMO-free                                                


Suggested use

Serves only to help facilitate a relaxing massage experience. Use 1 drop once a day.

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