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Bulgarian Tribulus Powder consists of an extract from the Tribulus Terrestris with a guaranteed content of 60% protodioscin. It is especially popular among bodybuilders and other strength athletes who strive to increase testosterone levels and maximize muscle growth. In addition, it is part of dietary supplements used to increase libido. It is in the form of a soluble powder and, thanks to its pure plant ingredients, it is suitable for vegans.

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Bulgarian Tribulus Powder is powdered extract containing protodioscin in an exceptionally high concentration

Bulgarian Tribulus Powder contains 400 mg of extract from the Tribulus Terrestris in one serving, which is known for its high content of protodioscin. This substance is especially sought after by bodybuilders and strength athletes, who strive to increase testosterone levels and maximize muscle growth. The product contains an extract with an exceptionally high concentration of 60% protodioscin and is used as a safe substitute for steroids.


The Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is also a popular part of dietary supplements, which promote performance, overall vitality, and libido. It is also commonly used by people during difficult days when striving to better manage physical and mental stress. The product is in the form of a well-soluble powder and has pure plant ingredients, making it suitable for vegans.


Bulgarian Tribulus Powder & its benefits

  • contains an extract from Tribulus terrestris
  • 400 mg of extract in one serving
  • the extract has a 60% protodioscin content
  • used as a safe substitute for steroids
  • in the form of a soluble powder
  • ideal for bodybuilders and strength athletes
  • suitable for vegans



Dried extract from Tribulusu (Tribulus terrestris L.).   


Recommended use

Mix 1/2 scoop (400 mg) in a glass with water and drink. Take 2-3 times a day.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values1 serving (1/2 scoop)
Tribulus Extract (Tribulus terrestris) (aerial parts and fruits) 400 mg

* Contains 60% furostanol saponins (protodioscin)   



Dietary supplement. Follow the recommended intake and cycling. Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women. Keep out of reach of small children. Do not exceed the recommended daily use. It does not replace a varied diet. Store in a dry and dark place.

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