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Bulgarian Tribulus is strong stimulant of testosterone production in capsule form which is made of Tribulus Terrestris plant. This plant is characterized by high steroid saponins protodioscin content. It is one of the strongest extracts available on the market.

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Bulgarian Tribulus is the strongest stimulant which will take care of the massive muscle mass growth 

Bulgarian Tribulus in capsule form which contains 60% of protodioscin, is one of the strongest products for testosterone increase available on the market. Standardized protodioscin content in Tribulus Terrestris plant is the guarancy of low content of other less effective saponines such as protograciline, also the content of flavonoids is limited (under 10%) and thianines (under 10%). 


After using this product, your testosterone levels will increase rapidly and the consequence is that you will notice massive muscle mass growth (in case you consume nutrition rich of proteins) at power training. Bulgarian tribulus will take care of regeneration acceleration after other forms of training effort and reduce tiredness. 


What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant which can be found in several parts of the world - USA, South America, Mexico, Spain, India, China and Bulgaria. The rarity is that Bulgarian Tribulus has different pharmacological and physiological features than Tribulus from other parts of the world. It contains 40 - 60 times higher protodioscin amount (anabolic effects and sexual libido support) in contrast to Tribuluses from other world parts. The mentioned difference in composition is determined by different plant genotype, the collection period, form of processing, etc. 



How will you recognize original Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris? 

Nowadays, there are two main producers in Bulgaria which offer extracts with high protodioscin content: VemoHerb Tribulus Terrestris (60% of protodioscin) and Sopharma Tribestan (average 54 - 55 % of protodioscin). Company Vemo99 Ltd (1996) is the owner of special technology for Tribulus Terrestris extraction with guaranteed content 60% of pure protodioscin which is the strongest extract available. 


How does Tribulus Terrestris function?

Steroid saponine protodioscine is the active substance which stimulates sex hormone production (testosterone within men, estrogen within women), positively influences central nervous system and functions as active component of anabolic character. In man's body, protodioscin increases testosterone level, regulates the level of other hormones without intervention into its function and optimizes prostata function. Within women, protodioscin increases pregnenolone, progesterone level and level of estrogen, improves sexual libido, supports positive psychical and mental condition. 


Protodioscine stimulates luteinizing hormone production in hypophysis and it directly increases sex hormone secretion - in case of men, it is testosterone which has significant impact on positive nitrogen balance, protein synthesis and muscle mass growth. 



Tribulus Terrestris and its act on libido

It is non-hormonal supplement of plant origin which is used for increase of sexual libido and potention. It is a stimulant of testosterone production and serves for maintanence of optimal hormone cortizol and estradiol level. It has positive effects on fertility and that's why it is suitable to use it during menopause within women and andropause within men. 


Tribulus Terrestris and anabolic act 

It increases the available energy level during physical activity, it helps to remove toxins produced by psychical stress, support fat break down and stimulates muscle mass and power growth. It increases nitrogen retention (use of proteins and their consequent building into muscle tissues) 


Bulgarian Tribulus and its benefits

  • strong stimulant of testosterone production
  • it contains 60% of protodioscin - the strongest extract on the market
  • it stimulates natural testosterone production 
  • it contributes to muscle mass and power growth
  • it significantly increases sexual libido 
  • it accelerates regeneration after heavy training


Dry standardized Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract with 60% furostanol saponin content, determined as protodioscin, damper (maltodextrin), anticaking agents (magnesium stearate and calcium phosphate).



The basic dose: 3-6 capsules per day in 3 doses per 1-2 capsules. Drink away with sufficient amount of water. 

At power sports and body-building: 8 weeks cycle with 2 weeks break. Full daily dose is 10-15 g per 1 kg of body weight, divided into 3 doses during the day. If your weight is 80 kg, your dose is 800-1200 mg per day = 4-6 capsules per day, this means 3times per day 1-2 capsules. If your weight is 100 kg, your dose is 1000-1500 mg per day = 6-8 capsules per day, this means 3 times per day 2-3 capsules. After 8 weeks cure, we recommend to have 2 weeks break, then we recommend to repeat the whole cycle. 


Table of nutrition facts

Nutrition facts1 capsule
Standardized Tribulusu terrestris extract 200 mg
 with 60% content of furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin  



Supplement. Follow the recommended dose. The product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of small children.

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