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Booty Band is made of reinforced elastane with anti-slip rubber layers that prevent slipping during workout. The closed-loop resistance band is perfect for legs and booty workout, as well as any other types of exercises. The package consists of 2 pieces of resistance band.

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Booty Band Pink with an anti-slip surface to effectively target, strengthen and shape legs and booty 

Booty Band is a resistance band made of reinforced elastane with anti-slip rubber layers. These prevent sliding during exercise, ensure comfort and better performance of exercises. Booty Band with a closed loop is perfect for booty and legs workout, and it can be also used for plank exercises, Pilates, yoga or stretching. In addition, it is easy to store and portable, so you can train with it anywhere. The package consists of 2 pieces of resistance band with a length of 31 and 36 cm, and a width of 7,8 cm.

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