fitness recipe

Do you also have a garden full of delicious apricots? Use them to prepare this healthy, and at the same time tasty and fresh apricot pie, which is really easy to prepare! Enjoy the combination of the taste of sweet apricots and the vanilla taste of protein, which will enrich this treat with a good dose of protein. Let’s get to it!

Neither you can ever decide whether you want sweet or salty breakfast? Why choose if you can prepare breakfast in 3 ways just with one ingredient. You probably know that we are talking about avocado, which, in addition to a healthy fats, is also perfect in that it has a really universal use. Prepare avocado toast a.k.a. avotoast for breakfast or brunch too!

Fried lángos with a huge portion of cheese is simply perfect during summer, but we probably all suspect that it is not the healthiest choice. That is why we’ve prepared a little surprise for you in the form of a fitness version of lángos, which are not fried, but baked, and moreover they are enriched with protein. What do you say to that? Let’s get them ready!