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Bio turmeric is a quality ground extract of turmeric root, which is a popular spice and yellow dye. The product is suitable as a separate seasoning for meals, but also as a component of a mixture of spices.

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BIO turmeric - a strong yellow spice with antioxidant effects

BIO turmeric from Wolfberry is a ground organic quality pepper originating in India, where the name Indian saffron comes from. The distinctly yellow pepper is obtained from the root of the turmeric, which is similar in shape to ginger. In the composition of turmeric is an essential oil, which contains a yellow dye curcumin together with sabinene and phellandrene. Turmeric is a potent antioxidant that is used as a separate spice, part of a spice mixture due to curcumin popular colouring in foods.           


BIO Turmeric - Wolfberry


Advantages of BIO turmeric

  • BIO product of high quality
  • 100 % extract of turmeric without additives
  • popular spice and dye


Nutritional value table

Nutritional values100 g
Energy value 1491 kJ / 356 kcal
Fats 9,9 g
   of which saturated fats 2,9 g
Carbohydrates 58,2 g
   of which sugars 11,1 g
Proteins 7,8 g
Fibre 6,7 g
Salt <0,1 g



Store in a dry and dark place.



Can contain soy, nuts and sesame. 

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