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BIO Jasmine Rice is a traditional part of Asian cuisine, where it complements a number of dishes with its delicious taste. It has a delicate floral flavour and after cooking it is plump and sticky. Therefore, it is suitable as a side dish to various sauces and savoury meals. Also suitable for various sweet dishes.

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BIO Jasmine Rice - a traditional delicacy of Asian cuisine, suitable as a side dish to various meals

BIO Jasmine Rice has its roots in Thailand, from where it has spread all over the world and became a favourite delicacy of many of us. Its name is derived from its characteristic white colour and delicate floral flavour, which resembles jasmine. It is formed naturally during cooking, after which the rice is plump and sticky. That is why it is an ideal choice as a side dish to various types of sauces. You definitely won't ruin anything by adding it to the risotto, where it will contribute to a perfectly delicious result.


More demanding gourmets can try frying it with their favourite vegetables after it is cooked. Then add an egg and pepper to create a delicious and nutritionally rich dish. Moreover, BIO Jasmine Rice will perfectly complement your sweet dishes. Feel free to add it to baked rice pudding or rice porridge. Thanks to such a wide range of uses in the kitchen, BIO Jasmine Rice will certainly find its place in your recipes, no matter what ways of preparation you choose. Plus, it is very easy and quick to prepare.


BIO Jasmine Rice & its benefits

  • traditional part of Asian cuisine
  • suitable as a side dish to sauces and various types of meals
  • has a delicate floral flavour and a sticky consistency
  • suitable for use in both savoury and sweet cuisine
  • very easy and quick to prepare



BIO Natural Jasmine Rice.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values100 g
Energy value 1 515 kJ / 362 kcal
Fats 2.4 g
   of which saturated fats 1.0 g
Carbohydrates 74.9 g
   of which sugars 0.4 g
Protein 7.4 g
Salt 0.03 g



Store at temperatures up to 25 °C and relative humidity up to 70 %. Protect from sunlight.

May contain traces of gluten.

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