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BIO Holy Veggie BBQ Spice is a delicious spice mix, which is especially ideal for preparing grilled vegetables. However, it is also suitable for roasting or baking. Simply put, this spice mix will bring a whole new dimension of taste to your favourite vegetables.

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BIO Holy Veggie BBQ Spice will instantly turn vegetables into a gourmet delicacy

BIO Holy Veggie BBQ Spice is a carefully selected spice mix that will take the taste of ordinary vegetables to a whole new level. It is especially suitable for grilling, roasting or baking vegetables. The mix consists of a balanced ratio of onion, parsnip, tarragon, coriander, parsley, ramson, cornflower and calendula, sage, trigonella and nori algae. Prepare grilled vegetables by mixing them with oil and seasoning, and enjoy a completely new and fresh taste of zucchini, paprika, eggplant, tomatoes or mushrooms.


BIO Holy Veggie BBQ Spice comes from controlled organic farming and does not contain additives. It is hand-packed in recyclable eco-packaging, which will please all people who take care of our planet.


BIO Holy Veggie BBQ Spice & its benefits

  • a delicious spice mix for vegetables
  • consists of a balanced ratio of 11 types of spices
  • suitable for grilling, roasting, and baking vegetables
  • eco packaging
  • hand packed


Onion*, parsnip*, tarragon*, coriander*, parsley*, ramson*, cornflower flower* 6.4%, sage*, calendula* 5.4%, trigonella*, nori algae* 3%.

* from controlled organic farming



Store in a closed container in a cool and dry place.

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