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BIO Ground Cumin is a spice for traditional home-made dishes. Roasted pork, sauerkraut, baked potatoes, as well as various spreads just wouldn't taste the same without this wonderful spice. It has a bitter-sweet flavour and should definitely be a part of everyone's spice rack.

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BIO Ground Cumin - a traditional spice with a bitter-sweet flavour that will turn your dishes into a remarkable experience

BIO Ground Cumin is a spice from the Carum carvi plant and is used to flavour almost every traditional home-made dish. German cuisine pioneered the use of this plant, when it was used as a seasoning for bread. However, adding this spice to bread is nowadays common in other countries as well. It should be a part of every household's spice rack because it is an essential ingredient in many dishes. For example, it is used for flavouring pork, potatoes, and the sauerkraut. This spice also complements lighter dishes, like fish, very well. 


BIO Ground Cumin will also fit perfectly into various soups or spreads, thanks to its bitter-sweet flavour. It contains no salt and is hand packed in eco-friendly packaging. If you want to flavour your dishes to perfection, cumin is the right choice. 


BIO Ground Cumin & its benefits 

  • a spice from the plant Caraway (Carum carvi) of the highest BIO quality
  • has a bitter-sweet flavour 
  • used to flavour traditional home-made dishes 
  • perfect with pork, potatoes, cabbage, spreads and soups
  • hand packed in an eco-friendly packaging



BIO ground cumin.



Store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place. 

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