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BIO Ginger Lemon Tea is a delicious tea that will certainly warm you up thanks to ginger. In addition, it contains other ingredients, such as lemon peel, liquorice, pepper, mint, and hibiscus. Thanks to the herbs used, its taste is slightly pungent and sweet. It is in the form of practical tea bags, which makes its preparation really easy.

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BIO Ginger Lemon Tea is a slightly pungent tea with a sweet taste that will certainly warm you up and please your taste buds

BIO Ginger Lemon Tea is a delicious tea blend that will please all lovers of slightly spicy tea. A combination of ginger, peppermint, and black pepper is what creates this delicious taste. What's more, it also includes hibiscus, lemongrass, and lemon peel, which give the tea a fruity aroma. Thanks to liquorice, you can taste the sweet flavour, which complements each other perfectly with a pungent taste. Especially thanks to the contained ginger, the tea can certainly warm you up, which you will appreciate on cold days and also during illness. Ginger tea is so often loved by people who want to support their overall health, immunity or would like to get rid of nausea. It comes in practical tea bags, which make its preparation very easy.


BIO Ginger Lemon Tea comes from controlled organic farming and does not contain additives. It is packed in a recyclable eco-packaging, which will please all people who care about our planet.       


BIO Ginger Lemon Tea & its benefits

  • tea containing ginger, lemon, liquorice, pepper, mint, and hibiscus
  • does not contain additives
  • BIO quality
  • comes in tea bags
  • has an intense scent
  • has a slightly pungent taste complemented by sweet tones
  • popular among people who want to promote overall health and vitality
  • eco packaging



Ginger * 25%, liquorice *, Cymbopogon citratus * (lemon grass) *, lemon peel * 15%, peppermint *, black pepper *, hibiscus *.

* from controlled organic farming


Recommended use

Pour 250 ml of boiling water into a mug with 1 tea bag (1.8 g). Let stand for 5-10 minutes.



Store in a closed container in a cool and dry place.  

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