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BIO Ground Ginger is a spicy seasoning obtained from ginger (Zingiber officinale). It is perfect for salty and sweet foods, meat, soups or oriental dishes. What's more, it can go well with fruit as well, so you can add a pinch of ginger to smoothies or desserts. It comes from organic farming and is hand-packaged.

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BIO Ground Ginger - spicy seasoning that will elevate sweet and savoury meals to another level

BIO Ground Ginger is a spicy seasoning obtained from ginger (Zingiber officinale). What's more, it is also popular among people who want to reduce nausea or want to enhance overall health and vitality. It has many uses in the kitchen. Thanks to its typical spicy and oriental taste, it will transport you to distant Asia. It is great for preparing traditional Thai, Vietnamese or Indian dishes. You may be surprised that it is a good ingredient for sweet foods as well. You can add the powder to smoothies or biscuit dough to enrich it with a slightly pungent taste.


BIO Ground Ginger comes from controlled organic farming and does not contain additives. It is hand-packaged and comes in recyclable eco-packaging, which will please all people who really care about our planet.      


BIO Ground Ginger & its benefits

  • spicy seasoning
  • does not contain additives
  • BIO quality
  • has an intense spicy taste
  • ideal for preparing oriental dishes
  • for special smoothies and desserts
  • in eco packaging
  • hand-packaged



BIO Ground Ginger



Store in a closed packaging in a cool and dry place.

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