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BIO Garlic Granules is a spice that gives many dishes a typical, mildly hot taste. During cooking, you will fall in love with its intense and distinctive scent. It is suitable for almost all savoury dishes. Many find it difficult to imagine pizza, pasta, salads, dips, or meat marinades without it.

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BIO Garlic Granules - a spice with intense and distinctive taste, which is suitable for sauces, pasta, and other dishes

BIO Garlic Granules is for many the king of all spices. It has an intense and distinctive taste, and its aroma will enchant you during cooking. This exceptional spice gives many dishes their distinctiveness. Garlic is suitable for almost all savoury dishes. What's more, it is popular among people who want to support their overall health and vitality.


Garlic is the basis of every good pizza, and it also tastes great with pasta or meat marinade. When cooking, it is advisable to add it as the last ingredient so that it does not get bitter and keeps its typical taste and captivating aroma. You can also combine it with grilled vegetables, and it goes well with olive oil, thus creating a great dressing for various salads. Every gourmet will appreciate it as an ingredient in delicious home-made spreads. BIO Garlic Granules is hand-packed, does not contain salt, comes in ecological packaging, making it environmentally friendly. 


BIO Garlic Granules & its benefits

  • dried granulated garlic in BIO quality
  • has an intense and distinctive taste
  • suitable for almost all savoury dishes
  • suitable for pizza, pasta, spreads, meat, but also vegetables 
  • hand-packed and comes in ecological packaging


BIO dried garlic granules



Store in a closed container in a cool and dry place.

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