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BIO Don Rodriguez's Chilli con Carne is a unique mix of pre-mixed spices to prepare the perfect chilli con carne. This will make it easier to prepare not only this dish, but also to flavor other meat and legume dishes. It has a strong hot taste, a pleasant spicy aroma and will give your dishes a striking red-orange color.

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BIO Don Rodriguez's Chilli con Carne is an ideal spice for lovers of spicy dishes with a strong taste

BIO Don Rodriguez's Chilli con Carne is a mix of spices that has a strong hot taste and aroma. This makes it ideal for lovers of spicy food. It's great for preparing an iconic chilli con carne. Apart from this wonderful mix, another essential ingredient of this treat is a piece of dark chocolate. You will also appreciate this spice when cooking other meat and legume dishes which are perfectly flavoured with it.


The distinctive aroma and hot taste of this spice will transport you to the land of sombrero and tequila for a while. It will ignite a passion in you and awaken an inspiration for cooking. Thanks to these, you will conjure up dishes that would be praised even by a Mexican abuelita. It contains only first-class ingredients in BIO quality, among which we can find, for example, sweet paprika, chilli, garlic, pepper or lemon grass. This exceptional mix is free of added salt and sugar. In addition, it comes from controlled organic farming and does not contain unnecessary additives. It is hand-packed, and you will definitely appreciate its recyclable eco-packaging.

BIO Don Rodriguez's Chilli con Carne & its benefits

  • contains a blend of popular spices
  • BIO quality
  • no added salt and sugar
  • features a unique hot taste
  • suitable for preparing chilli con carne and other meat dishes
  • ideal for legume dishes
  • comes in eco-packaging
  • hand-packed



Sweet paprika *, tomatoes *, garlic *, oregano *, Roman cumin *, extra hot chilli * 6,5%, pepper *, lemon grass *, cumin *, smoked paprika *, rosemary *, Ceylon cinnamon *.

* From controlled organic farming


Store in a closed container in a cool and dry place.

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