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BIO Fine Chinese Green Tea contains dried leaves from Camellia sinensis, which has been grown in Asia for thousands of years. Thanks to the caffeine content, it can give you a pleasant energy boost. It is ideal for drinking by itself, but it also tastes great with light meals. In addition, green tea is known for its high content of antioxidants.

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BIO Chinese Green Tea features a fresh, slightly bitter taste that will please your senses and at the same time boost your energy

BIO Chinese Green Tea contains dried leaves from Camellia sinensis, which has been grown for thousands of years. Green tea is considered to be the first discovered beverage of this kind. Legend has it that it was first tasted by the Chinese Emperor Shennung when green tea leaves accidentally fell into his mug of hot water. Since then, its popularity has grown. During its production, green leaves do not undergo fermentation and thanks to that they retain their naturally fine taste.


With its fresh and slightly bitter taste, green tea can transport you for a while to places where tea rituals traditionally take place. It will also give you a pleasant energy boost thanks to its caffeine content. The green tea is known for its strong antioxidant effects and, thanks to EGCG, it is a part of popular fat burners. The beverage prepared from its leaves is therefore a great start to a new day. It goes great with Asian specialities, light salads or fish and poultry dishes. This tea comes from controlled organic farming. It is hand-packed, and you will also appreciate its recyclable eco-packaging.


BIO Chinese Green Tea & its benefits

  • contains dried leaves of Camellia sinensis
  • BIO quality
  • contains antioxidants
  • contains caffeine
  • suitable with light meals
  • ideal as your morning tea
  • hand packed
  • eco packaging



Chinese green tea *.

* from controlled organic farming


Recommended use

Pour 200-250 ml of hot water (70-80 °C) into a mug with 1 tea bag (1.5 g). Let stand for 2-3 minutes. The tea bag can be used more than once.



Store in a closed container in a cool and dry place.

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