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Biceps BFR Tapes are highly comfortable biceps tapes which serve to effectively strengthen your biceps. These tapes locally limit blood flow into a working muscle with the goal of making your strength training more effective without having to use exceedingly heavy weights. Thanks to being made from a highly elastic material, they are easy to use. 

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Biceps BFR Tapes - a practical aid for effective biceps training 

Biceps BFR Tapes are elastic biceps tapes functioning on the principle of blood flow restriction (BFR). This new training method is currently being researched as a potentially great way of creating improved conditions for increased muscle hypertrophy, meaning more muscle growth with less lifting. The BFR bicep tapes were developed in collaboration with Climaqx athletes, and are thus very user-friendly. They are made of elastic material, which makes them comfortable, highly adjustable, and easy to repurpose for leg workouts.


Biceps BFR Tapes & its benefits

  • 2 tapes in a set 
  • made from elastic material 
  • easily adjustable 
  • can be used for both arm and leg workouts 
  • developed in collaboration with athletes
  • designed for BFR training   



2 tapes in a package



Elastic material


Suggested use

The tapes can be used for both arm and leg workouts. The length is easily adjustable with small buckles.



45 cm x 8 cm    

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