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Beta-Alanine is a source of non-essential beta-alanine amino acid in the capsule form. Beta-alanine together with histidine amino acid produce carnosine. Thanks to the positive effect of carnosine on accumulation of lactic acid in muscles, it may delay fatigue may be delayed, and thus prolong sports performance

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Beta-Alanine is vital for carnosine production that may reduce fermentation in active muscles

Beta-Alanine in the capsule form contains 1500 mg non-essential beta-alanine amino acid per serving. Beta-alanine together with histidine amino acid are both vital for carnosine production. Carnosine in muscle tissue works as a protein buffer which means that it plays a role of  "a purifier or cleaner". As it may reduce fermentation in active muscles, and thus it may help to delay fatigue and prolong the sports performance. Due to this fact, the supplement is intended for athletes


Beta-Alanine and its benefits

  • contains 1500 mg beta-alanine amino acid per serving
  • in a vegetable capsule suitable for vegetarians
  • vital for carnosine production
  • intended for athletes training intensively



Beta-alanine, bulking agents (calcium diphosphate, microcrystalline cellulose), HPMC (vegetarian capsule).


Recommended use

In the first 4 weeks, take 2 capsules twice a day, then reduce the serving to 2 capsules per day.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values1 serving (2 capsules)
Beta-alanine 1500 mg


If you are under 18 years of age, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, if you have any health problems or take any prescribed medication, consult a qualified healthcare professional before using this product. Store in a cold dry place, out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
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