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Base Racer Back Sports Bra provides your breasts with reliable support during every kind of sports activity. It is made of highly elastic material which will fit your body perfectly, and absorb sweat under every condition. Its simple modern design stands out with a stylish keyhole cut, which also contributes to more effective air circulation. This bra will make you feel confident whether you're working out in the gym, taking group fitness classes, or like to go running.

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Base Racer Back Sports Bra guarantees stylish look and great support while working out

Base Racer Back Sports Bra combines functionality and stylish looks. It is made of elastic material that will perfectly fit your body and absorb sweat reliably, providing you with maximum comfort during your training, no matter how intense. It will reliably support your breasts no matter the activity, thus allowing you to fully focus on your performance


In addition, this bra has reinforced cups and extra inner lining, which means you won't have to worry about it becoming transparent at any point. It has a simple, modern look with a trendy keyhole cut underneath the breasts, which will emphasize your femininity and at the same contribute to more effective airflow. The Ryderwear logo placed right under the cut-out and at the back of the bra adds to the style. This sports bra will give you a feeling of comfort and self-confidence, whether you wear it while working out, running, attending a group class or doing HIIT.


Base Racer Back Sports Bra & its advantages 

  • high quality sports bra
  • provides the breasts with necessary support during any activity
  • made of elastic material
  • reinforced cups and extra inner lining
  • perfectly absorbs sweat and moisture
  • trendy cut-out under the breasts
  • suitable for sports and leisure



88 % nylon 12 % spandex


Size Chart

Bust circumference (cm) 84-90 91-97 98-104 105-114
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