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Adjustable Set of Bench Press Resistance Bands is a practical training tool you will make use of for working on your chest muscles as well as other muscle groups. It consists of 4 long and 6 short resistance bands that can be either attached to the main expander or used individually. It comes with a long collapsible workout bar ideal for bench press, squats or pull downs for the back. Using this exercise equipment, you will be able to do your functional strength training routine at home or wherever you go.

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Adjustable Set of Bench Press Resistance Bands - an effective exercise tool for strengthening your chest, arms and lower body 

Adjustable Set of Bench Press Resistance Bands is a highly practical exercise tool that will effectively substitute free weights and gym machines for you. It consists of 6 short and 4 long resistance bands. The short bands can be attached to the bench press expander with handles, which allows you to perform, for example, flies, bicep curls or push-ups. Threading the long bar, which comes with the product package, through the handles will allow you to perform bench press or pull-downs for back


The long bands can be combined with the bar to create a setup ideal for squats or shoulder press, meaning the tool is useful for exercising both upper and lower body. By using a varying amount of bands in the system, the level of resistance can be adjusted to fit both beginners and more advanced athletes. Connecting all the resistance bands to the expander will provide you with the maximum total resistance of 69 kg.


The Adjustable Set of Bench Press Resistance Bands is easy to store and carry around. You can use it at home or at the outdoor workout playground, when you simply don't have the time to go to the gym, or want to add some extra variety to your regular strength training plan. The set can be used to add extra challenge to bodyweight exercises. Thanks to its properties, this tool is the ideal addition to every home gym


The product package comes with a user's guide, which will help you install the expander properly, and teach you how to use it for a variety of suitable exercises. You'll find that learning to use this workout equipment is truly simple and intuitive. 



Adjustable Set of Bench Press Resistance Bands & its advantages 

  • practical exercise tool for full body workout
  • comes with 6 short and 4 long resistance bands
  • includes a collapsable bar
  • adding or removing bands from the expander adjusts the overall resistance
  • maximum resistance of 69 kg
  • ideal for bench press, push-ups, shoulder press, and other exercises 
  • ideal for full body strength training
  • perfect for home gym
  • suitable for both beginners and the advanced


The set includes

  • 1x training bar
  • 1x bench press expander (with 6 short resistance bands)
  • 4x long resistance bands
  • 2x leg straps
  • 2x door anchors
  • 2x ankle cuffs
  • 2x handles



Steel, latex, nylon. 


Technical details of the expanders

Property Length in unstretched state Resistance
Short expander (6 pcs) 26 cm 11.5 kg
Long expander (4 pcs) 54 cm 12 kg
Bench press expander (single unit) 85 cm up to 69 kg
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