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Active Series-3 Sports Bra is a functional bra with a medium level support and padding, ideal for the enthusiasts of running, fitness or any other sports. Its modern design with a stylish open back will underline your femininity. Your maximum comfort is ensured by its ability to efficiently absorb sweat. It's great to wear in the gym, as well as for running, cycling, court or team sports.

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Active Series-3 Sports Bra comes with a mid-level support and is ideal for strength training or running 

Active Series-3 Sports Bra is a functional bra with padding designed for runners, fitness lovers, as well as other sports enthusiasts. The mid-level support will ensure you stability and comfort during any type of movement. It is shaped to fit female curves perfectly and doesn't limit any movement at all. It is made of high quality breathable material which also absorbs sweat and humidity very effectively. Its properties will ensure that you feel comfortable no matter what you do   


The modern design with a stylish open back will underline your femininity and highlight the curves of your athletic figure. Thanks to its simple black colour, it is easy to combine with any other clothes in your sports wardrobe. You'll appreciate this bra when working out at the gym, running, playing court or team sports, or doing any of your favourite activities.  


Active Series-3 Sports Bra & its benefits

  • functional sports bra with medium level support 
  • has padding
  • made of breathable material
  • PETA-Approved Vegan certificate
  • modern cut that emphasizes feminine curves
  • combines well with other clothes
  • great sweat absorption
  • suitable for strength training, running and other sports



76 % polyester, 24 % elastane   


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