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Acai liquid concentrate from lyophilised Acai berries contains phytonutrients that have natural antioxidant effects. Each teaspoon thus helps to neutralise free radicals formed by normal cellular metabolism or by the action of external influences. The concentrate is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Acai liquid concentrate from lyophilised Acai berries, which have natural antioxidant effects

Acai liquid concentrate is made from lyophilised Acai berries so that it retains all its nutrients. Acai berries come from Brazil and are exceptionally high in phytonutrients such as ellagic acid, rutin, anthocyanins and catechins. These have natural antioxidant effects and are, therefore, a great helper to protect the health of the body. The content of freeze-dried berries in the concentrate corresponds to up to 35,000 mg of fresh Acai berries per serving. Due to purely plant ingredients, the liquid extract is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Acai liquid concentrate and its benefits

  • it is made from lyophilised Acai berries
  • contains phytonutrients and other active ingredients
  • has antioxidant effects
  • also suitable for vegetarians and vegans



Organic Acai berries (lyophilised) (Euterpe Oleracea) (fruit peel and pulp) (equivalent to 35 000 mg of fresh Acai).


Other components

Deionised water, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, natural aroma of Acai and potassium sorbate (as a preservative).



Take one teaspoon (15 ml) 2 to 3 times a day. It can be taken directly or mixed with water or juice.


Table of nutritional values

Nutritional values1 teaspoon
Organic Acai berries (lyophilised) (Euterpe Oleracea) (fruit peel and pulp) (equivalent to 35,000 mg of fresh Acai)  500 mg



It is only suitable for adults. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, taking medication, or have any health problems or allergies, talk to your doctor before taking this product. Keep out of the reach of children. Once opened, store in a cool and dry place.

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